Waders and Wading Boots

If all you plan to do is take your kids fishing during the warm summer months, you may be able to get by without waders. However, remember that smaller bodies get cold faster than we adults, and even though the air may be warm, the water may be pretty chilly, especially when the sun is off the water in the evening– and that’s when the fishing gets good!  We recommend the versatility of breathable waders. These are lightweight and comfortable for the warm months, yet you can dress your kid in layers if they’ll be fishing in the cooler months of year.

Neoprene waders will be fine for keeping your fishing buddy warm during the cold weather, but they retain too much heat for the warmer months, and they aren’t breathable.

No matter whether you chose breathable or neoprene, the  problem inherent with waders is that, as with most any item worn by a child, they’ll be outgrown fairly quickly.  Remember to always have your child wear a wading belt when they’ve got their waders on!

It is not our policy not to link to retailers but when there are no other choices we have done so to provide you with our best information. Below are several options:

Albright Bridgestone Waders for Children



Caddis Youth Neoprene Stockingfoot Waders

Caddis Youth Stockingfoot Waders

Dan Bailey Kids Breathable Waders

Hodgman Youth Stockingfoot Chest Wader

JM Cremp’s


Orvis Children’s Endura Waders

Redington Crosswater Youth Waders

Simms Kids Goretex Stockingfoot Waders


Wading boots, if not built-in to the waders, are obviously an important part of any angler’s fishing equipment.  Felt soles offer the best traction on slippery rocks, but more and more manufacturers are doing away with felt in favor of rubber soles. Some states have already banned or will be banning the use of felt to help prevent the spread of whirling disease.  Check with your state department of fish and game for your regulations, and buy boots for your child accordingly.

Not many manufacturers make wading boots in kids’ sizes. Depending on the size of your child’s feet, they may be able to wear adult women’s sizes. Here are a few boot manufacturers that do make sizes specifically for kids:

Bridgestone Boots (these seem to come in very small sizes)

Dan Bailey Eco-Grip Kids Boots

Orvis Riverguard Streamline Boots these are not listed as kids boots but come in sizes as small as men’s size 4

Redington Crosswater Youth Wading Boot Sticky