School club gets kids hooked on fly fishing

School fly fishing club is one of the most popular lunchtime activities in Mt. Lebanon School District.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

In 2007, Ron Wilcher launched the program with 11 kids. Now, the club’s fourth and fifth grade units are filled to capacity, and through grant writing and corporate donations the club is virtually self sufficient.

“We first teach fly tying,” said Nagle. “As part of tying we do a little entomology — you can’t teach them how to tie a caddis larva without explaining the life cycle of the caddis. Then we teach casting — roll casting only because there’s not enough room for a proper backcast [on Beaver Creek] — knot tying and how to select flies. Generally they like to play with their own flies, but we try to explain that there may be a better fly [for conditions] than a big Clouser Minnow.”

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