Tips for teaching kids to fly fish

From Gary Lewis Outdoors come some helpful ideas to help you get your kids started in fly fishing:

Kids Can Tackle Fly Fishing with a Little Help

Fly fishing, for most of us, was something we watched others do first or read about in books. For some, it was the next level in a progression of becoming proficient in the disciplines of fishing. For others, it was a way to fish waters closed to other methods. For most of us it was a progression along a path.

Maybe this is why when we teach our children to fish that we feel we must make them climb the same ladder to fishing proficiency that we are climbing.

A certain mystique exists in the sport. There can be poetry in the fluidity of a cast. Grace in the gentle touch of a dry fly resting on hackle and tail. Satisfaction in the tightening of the fly line under the weight of a good fish. And music in the whir of a well-balanced reel as a heavy rainbow takes out the backing.

But why should we wait to introduce our youngsters to the sport that many of us are so passionate about? One reason to wait is the child himself. A boy or girl who expresses no interest in fishing when first exposed to it is probably not a good match. At least not yet. Many parents make the mistake of forcing their favorite sport on their kids. It doesn’t matter what the pastime, if the child isn’t ready they will resent their parent’s efforts.

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The article brings up some good points, and mentions a “Reddington Kid Start” kit which we wanted to point out is actually the Redington Minnow outfit. It’s important to also note that a good rod for kids, be it a brand new rod or a hand-me-down, should be a medium action rod so that youngsters can feel the rod load under the weight of the line during the casting stroke.

For a comprehensive list of kids fly rods and reels, please visit our Fly Rods & Rod/Reel Outfits category at Take Kids Fly Fishing.

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