Positive Parental Participation: Take a Kid Fly Fishing

Here is a really nice article by Vivian Kirkfield, author of Show Me How: Build Your Child’s Self Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking. The essence of the article really reinforces the fact that there’s more to fishing than catching fish:

I’d like to say that we pulled up one trout after another…but even though the children didn’t catch any fish (although we did see several)…they did catch the enthusiasm and joy of being by a beautiful river, surrounded by the wonders of nature.  Their parents take them to RMNP quite often and encourage the appreciation, care and preservation our precious and endangered environment.  After enjoying a lovely picnic, we all got ready to leave and my husband asked our grandchildren when they would like to come fishing again.  One of them replied, “In about three weeks!”  And the other piped up, “No, in about three days!”


Read the full article HERE.

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