Rocky Mountain Flycasters Youth Camp a great success

Fort Collins, CO – Thanks to the local Rocky Mountain Flycasters chapter of Colorado Trout Unlimited, the recent Youth Camp was a great success. With volunteers like the man known as Sanders, who is keeper of the Up The Poudre blog, another group of young folks learned about fly fishing, cold water conservation and a lot more.

Sanders writes about his experiences at the Youth Camp on his blog:

This was the second annual Rocky Mountain Flycasters Youth Camp, a six day fly fishing education that any aspiring fly fisher would appreciate. And having only moved to the area the year before, this would be my first opportunity to volunteer. Something I have been looking forward to for a long time. The activities of the camp included; exploring underwater habitat by snorkeling down the river, fish sampling by electro-shocking, matching the hatch, flytying, more information about river formation and ecology, and fly fishing some private ponds as well as on the Poudre River. The campers received a healthy diet of fish, fishing, fish habitat, and well, more fishing. Not a bad way to spend six days in the summer, as a volunteer or camper.

It’s obvious that the kids weren’t the only beneficiaries of this camp. Read the full entry HERE

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