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FishCamp™ is a 4 night, 5-day summer flyfishing adventure in Northern California, brought to you by The Fly Shop.

We first opened our tent flaps to generations of future fly fishers in 1998, and over the years we’ve developed the finest youth fly fishing camps in the country. Each summer kids from all across the U.S. come to our very own Antelope Creek Ranch to enjoy a week at FishCamp, a unique program that offers children the opportunity to experience the mystique of flyfishing coupled with the serenity of the outdoors.

Sound like fun? Then all you need to do is write a 100 word essay on why you want to go to FISHCAMP 2012. Staff members from Flyfishing & Tying Journal will pick two winners. Accommodations, meals and equipment will be provided courtesy of The Fly Shop and Fly Fishing & Tying Journal. Kids will need to bring clothes, sleeping bag and transportation to the camp.

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This package is worth $750. Boys/girls ages 10-15 are eligible to enter. Contest Ends April 30th, 2012.

Young anglers needed for the future

Most of you reading this already know the countless benefits in taking kids fishing and exploring the great outdoors. Over the last decade there has been a decline in the total number of people who are fly fishing, which is a concern for those who make a living in the industry, but it goes well beyond that.  Fewer people buying fishing licenses means less funding for conservation measures and fewer kids growing up as stewards of the resources.

Field & Stream recently listed Michigan as the number one state in the country for fly fishing, and yet Michigan residents don’t seem to be taking advantage of that.

This article from The Bridge spells it out and is worth a read.

Without an immediate solution to the funding crisis for fish and wildlife programs, the DNR and several conservation groups have stepped up efforts to recruit a new generation of conservation-minded hunters and anglers. But that can be a tough sell in a digital world, where kids can partake in virtual hunting and fishing trips via video games…

“The main thing is just getting kids outdoors, whether it’s to go fishing, bird watching, or hunting for morel mushrooms,” he said. “Just pick something that’s in season and do it.”

Tom Heritier, president of the Saginaw Field and Stream Club, said he fears that legions of children raised on Facebook, Twitter and video games will never experience the beauty of fishing at sunrise, the joy of seeing an eagle soar, or learn the intrinsic value of clean air, clean water and healthy fish and wildlife populations.

“If they have no exposure to nature, they have no idea what they need to conserve,” Heritier said. “We are supposed to be stewards of our environment but if somebody doesn’t have a clue about how nature works, they won’t do anything to protect it.”


Click HERE to read the full article.

Trout Unlimited and kids

We here at Take Kids Fly Fishing already know of the good work being done by Trout Unlimited, which includes their commitment to youth education. We were very pleased to give 12 Stream Explorer memberships as prizes for our contest last summer. No doubt those lucky kids will gain an appreciation for fish and conservation thanks to TU.

We recently stumbled upon a great article about The Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited and their youth involvement in the Idaho Mountain Express.


Trout Unlimited not only provides regular outreach to future fishing fans, but extends its teaching to the disabled, providing them an outlet and diversion where there might be limits otherwise. They play a huge role in fishing-access trail rehabilitation, as well as in preservation and restoration projects. Wherever a trout might be, at least in the Wood River Valley, you can bet that Trout Unlimited is or has been or will be there too.


To read the full article, click HERE

Fly fishing helps at-risk kids

Photo by Michael Bupp/The Sentinel

Those who us who are fly anglers know the benefits of introducing kids to fly fishing. Getting outside and enjoying the natural world as we spend time with friends and family while learning something new and exciting are some of the great pleasures to found.  And yes—we may even catch a fish.  But a group of Pennsylvania teens is discovering that fly fishing can also help keep them on course and from getting into trouble. As a result of this program, The Cumberland Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited has been earned the Golden Trout Award.

Read the full article in the Sentinel.

River Buddies program teaches kids to fish

Photo by Bryan Gregson


Excerpt from the Island Park News in Idaho:

The Henry’s Fork rippled with young anglers last weekend, thanks to the grassroots River Buddies program that provides fishing opportunities to area youth. Supported by numerous businesses and sponsors, the River Buddies event brought eight young people ages 8 to 14 from the Pocatello area to the Henry’s Fork to learn to fish. According to TroutHunter guide Marty Reed, an organizer of the program, Seth Scott, Executive Director of the District 6 Juvenile Detention Center in Bannock County, helped choose the participants, who all wrote letters explaining why they want to learn to fly fish. Reed said some had fishing experience, and others had never fished before….

…The kids had a great time floating from Warm River to Ashton. They all loved their guides, and they formed real relationships with them. TroutHunter’s Griz and Ryan Franke took care of the day’s lunch by floating down the river with a grill, flipping burgers as they rowed. Bryan Gregson, a professional fly fishing photographer, encapsulated the event through his photos. Each guide teamed up with two kids, giving them individual attention and instruction.

The kids are the future of the river. When they learn to fish and enjoy the river, their next step is to want to protect it for themselves and future generations.

— Marty Reed, TroutHunter guide


To read the full article, please click HERE


You can also see more about this great program on the Trouthunter website

Kid-Friendly Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing Guides

At Take Kids Fly Fishing.com, we strive to include listings for every manner of service and product available to enhance the fly fishing experience of kids. One of our category listings is for Kid Friendly Guides, which is self explanatory: it includes state by state listings of guides that wish to promote themselves as being welcoming to kids.  One such guide is Eugene Shuler, who operates Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing Guides in North Carolina.

Eugene emailed us to let us know about his guide business:

I have two children ages 6 and 9, and we spend everyday possible in the outdoors. They love to fly fish, and we hire guides when we visit new places. It’s tough to find a guide service that will let them come along with me when we fish. Great idea. I’ve been guiding the Smoky Mountains since 1999 and have always welcomed kids to come fish along with their parents. We have smaller sized outfits just for kids that consist of shorter fly rods with small diameter grips, and all are overlined by one line weight so that it makes it easier for the kids to get the rods to load. All of our guides are very patient, and all are fathers themselves, so we understand kids and have the know how from fishing with our own children to help guide our client’s children too.

Thanks so much for your consideration, and a wonderful site for kids!

Thanks, Eugene. It’s obvious after one visit to his website, Fly Fishing the Smokies, that Eugene likes to get kids out on the water.

From the home page of Fly Fishing the Smokies:

Learn to fly fish in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg Tennessee and Bryson City North Carolina. Discover the majestic streams and mountains while enjoying a day of guided fly fishing with some of the Smoky Mountain’s best flyfishing guides. Since 1999 we have guided anglers of all ages and skill levels to some of the most beautiful trout streams in all of the southeastern United States. Welcome to Fly Fishing the Smokies! A professional outfitters and guide service operating guided fly fishing trips daily out of Gatlinburg TN and Bryson City NC, we serve the surrounding towns of Pigeon Forge Tennessee, Seveirville TN, Asheville, Sylva, Franklin, and Dillsboro.

Thank you again, Eugene, for contacting us with your listing and for being committed to getting kids out on the water and experiencing fly fishing.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Youth Camp a great success

Fort Collins, CO – Thanks to the local Rocky Mountain Flycasters chapter of Colorado Trout Unlimited, the recent Youth Camp was a great success. With volunteers like the man known as Sanders, who is keeper of the Up The Poudre blog, another group of young folks learned about fly fishing, cold water conservation and a lot more.

Sanders writes about his experiences at the Youth Camp on his blog:

This was the second annual Rocky Mountain Flycasters Youth Camp, a six day fly fishing education that any aspiring fly fisher would appreciate. And having only moved to the area the year before, this would be my first opportunity to volunteer. Something I have been looking forward to for a long time. The activities of the camp included; exploring underwater habitat by snorkeling down the river, fish sampling by electro-shocking, matching the hatch, flytying, more information about river formation and ecology, and fly fishing some private ponds as well as on the Poudre River. The campers received a healthy diet of fish, fishing, fish habitat, and well, more fishing. Not a bad way to spend six days in the summer, as a volunteer or camper.

It’s obvious that the kids weren’t the only beneficiaries of this camp. Read the full entry HERE

New Fly Fishing products for kids

Take Kids Fly Fishing’s own Kirk Werner, author of the Olive the Woolly Bugger series of children’s books, has partnered with Columbia Falls-based Montana Fly Company to offer first-of-a-kind, functional fly fishing products for kids.

Using Montana Fly Company’s digital imprinting technology (made popular on their River Camo products), these high quality plastic fly boxes and durable tungsten carbide nippers feature artwork from the popular Olive series of  books.

The author and illustrator of the Olive series says that partnering with Montana Fly Company on this venture brings the appeal of Olive to a new level. “Prior to now, the only way to get kids hooked on Olive was through the books,” says Werner. “Now kids can take Olive with them to the water and she can be there when they catch fish. It’s a very exciting opportunity.”

Press inquiries should directed toward Outside Media.

Positive Parental Participation: Take a Kid Fly Fishing

Here is a really nice article by Vivian Kirkfield, author of Show Me How: Build Your Child’s Self Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking. The essence of the article really reinforces the fact that there’s more to fishing than catching fish:

I’d like to say that we pulled up one trout after another…but even though the children didn’t catch any fish (although we did see several)…they did catch the enthusiasm and joy of being by a beautiful river, surrounded by the wonders of nature.  Their parents take them to RMNP quite often and encourage the appreciation, care and preservation our precious and endangered environment.  After enjoying a lovely picnic, we all got ready to leave and my husband asked our grandchildren when they would like to come fishing again.  One of them replied, “In about three weeks!”  And the other piped up, “No, in about three days!”


Read the full article HERE.

Kids Fly Tying Classes- Pendleton, OR

The Pendleton Center for the Arts includes Fly Tying in its offerings for kids:

From the website:


(AGES 8 & UP)

SATURDAYS, AUGUST 6 & 13, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM



In this all-ages class, learn to tie your own flies for fishing in the Umatilla Basin this trout season. The class will teach the hands-on techniques needed to tie flies from readily available materials, as well as introduce students to the insects they are imitating. Students who are 12 years old and younger should come with a parent or older pal—companions take the class for free and get to spend quality time with their young fishing buddies.

Christopher Deppa grew up in a family of obsessive fly fishermen. While pursuing his journalism degree at the University of Oregon, Chris spent his free time immersed in a study of the art of fly-tying. Chris has been enjoying fishing on the Umatilla River since his move to Pendleton last fall.  Chris also likes to hike, play with his dog, and dig in his vegetable garden.