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Why Fly Fishing is so great for Kids

If you’re a fly angler yourself it probably takes no prodding to convince you that fly fishing is a wonderful activity for kids. In other words, we’re preaching to the choir in that regard. However, there may be some of you visiting Take Kids Fly Fishing who are just beginning to contemplate fly fishing as an activity for you and/or your kids. For those folks, please consider how important an activity such as fly fishing is for the development of kids.

There is a growing concern that Americans (kids and adults) aren’t getting outdoors enough. President Obama’s initiative,  America’s Great Outdoors, is aimed at protecting our natural resources by encouraging people to get outside, enjoy and develop an appreciation for our natural heritage, and play an active role in sharing solutions to insure the preservation of natural resources for future generations. Stewardship of our resources comes from developing an appreciation of the outdoors, and the earlier in a person’s life that that appreciation is gained the better.

Improving the health of America’s youth by getting kids outside to exercise and play is the goal of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. A healthier lifestyle is good for everyone, especially kids, and part of that health comes in the form of outdoor recreation and exercise. The Child and Nature Network (C&NN) is hoping to push that a step further by encouraging kids to get outside and play in nature. According to a report by C&NN, children are smarter, more cooperative, happier and healthier when they have varied opportunities for free unstructured play in the outdoors.

The Outdoor Foundation has shown through studies that fishing is the #1 “gateway activity” which leads to other outdoor pursuits. In other words, people who go fishing are very likely to also venture into other forms of outdoor recreation as well. In a report from the Outdoor Foundation, information specific to fly fishing shows that there is room for more participation from kids:

Fly fishing has significant growth opportunities across a number of demographics, particularly females (20.2% of participants), minority groups (20% of participants), and youth (12.4% of participants).

Let’s capitalize on that growth potential by taking kids fly fishing. It’s good for kids, it’s good for the fly fishing industry, and it’s good for conservation.

It doesn’t take long before one realizes that this is all connected. And it all seems to be pointing right at fly fishing as a way to get kids outdoors, improving their mental and physical well being, introducing them to all manner of outdoor recreation and instilling in kids a sense of conservation-minded stewardship.  It can’t get much better than that.

Take a kid fly fishing.


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