Tenkara for kids?

If you’re tuned in to the fly fishing world, Kirk Deeter needs no introduction. Among his many accomplishments, which include being a fly fishing guide and author, he is an editor at Angling Trade and also Field & Stream’s fly fishing blog, Fly Talk.  Deeter brings up some interesting points when considering Tenkara as a good way to introduce kids to fly fishing:

I’m often asked what I recommend as starter setup for a child getting into fly fishing and I’m starting to think a Tenkara rod might actually be the best option. Tenkara () is a traditional Japanese style of fly fishing that employs only a rod (11-13 feet), line, and fly–no reel. I have my 10-year-old son Paul Tenkara fishing on a little stream by our house, and not only is he having a blast, he’s becoming a pretty sharp angler.


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