Support fly fishing camp scholarships

Will Lilliard runs Lilliard Fly Fishing Expeditions, a business dedicated to introducing teens to fly fishing and conservation. The mission statement says,  “Transforming interests in fly fishing and backcountry camping into an understanding of, and passion for environmental conservation.”

We discovered Will’s program several months ago and were immediately impressed. Recently Will contacted us to let us know that Lilliard Fly Fishing Expeditions has awarded their first full scholarship. The recipient is Matthew Owen. Will first heard about Matthew and the challenges he has had to face on the Orvis fishing blog:

Owen is a passionate fly fisherman who Will is pleased to have join in the 17 day Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Expedition.

Will wrote to  us:

With our trips right around the corner we are looking to help fill some last spots with $1,500 – $2,500 scholarships for the right students. If you know of any students/families who might be interested and could help spread the word about these great opportunities it would be much appreciated.

And so we here at Take Kids Fly Fishing are asking our friends for help. If you or someone you know is interested and able to help sponsor a deserving teen like Owen, please contact Will Lilliard through his website:

You can also help by simply spreading the word.